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Straighten up your bowed and buckled walls with Certified Basement Systems Inc. in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois. Our experts understand your needs and are committed to meeting them with the highest level of service.

Earth Anchor Foundation Wall Repair

It's important to repair your tilting foundation wall problems quickly to prevent further damage. Our expert contractors can repair your tilting or bowing foundation walls using precise earth anchor foundation methods.
Solid Foundation - Basement System in Bloomington, IL
Basement Construction - Basement system in Bloomington, IL
Basement Construction - Basement System in Bloomington, IL

Carbon Fiber Repair

Carbon fiber wall repairs using reinforced basement wall straps are the most efficient and effective way to strengthen your basement walls. Carbon fiber is stronger than steel and much lighter. Contact our experts today to learn more.
Solid Foundation - Basement system in Bloomington, IL

A Solid Foundation

After its base, the foundation wall is the next important feature of your building. If you have concerns regarding wall stability or straightness, you can rely on us.
Request an estimate from us in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois, and improve your basement with foundation repair and wall straightening today.